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So you invested in a solar panel system to help save you money and keep that electric bill down – awesome!  Our solar panel cleaning Temecula experts will ensure your solar system is producing at max efficiency, putting money back in your pocket, and at the save time protecting your investment.  Our team has the experience and the proper equipment to properly care for your solar panels.  Clearvu Window Cleaning has been servicing thousands of customers solar systems over the years, so rest easy knowing we’re experts.  With over 600+ five star reviews, it’s no wonder we’re the top rated solar cleaning service around!

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Just like you wouldn’t want your windows to be caked in dirt, your solar panels shouldn’t be either! Not only will it make your house look nicer, but keeping them clean will actually help them work better too. So, just like you would with the rest of your house, give your solar panels the attention they deserve!

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Keeping your solar panels cleaned helps maintain your investment.  Allowing the sun to bake the dirt and grime onto your panels surface will begin to cause damage.

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Dirty solar panels can greatly reduce solar output by up to 25%, and this digs into your wallet.  Keep your A/C running during those hot summer months without having to worry about your bill!

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Dirty solar panels directly affects the absorption of the sun, which means they can not produce what they should be producing – meaning money out of your pocket!  Not only a monetary benefit, neglecting your investment allows dirt and pollutants to contaminate the surface of your solar panels causing damage over time, something you don’t want to happen.  Like anything, proper maintenance will ensure you get the most life out of your system and keep them cranking out those kilowatts for years to come!

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Solar Panel Cleaning Service Temecula Murrieta CA


As most things, there is a right and a wrong way to do things. Cleaning your solar panels is no different.  We use our vehicle mounted pure water purification system paired along side a specialized brush to safely and effectively agitate the dirt and grime, and rinse with pure water to deliver a spot free finish for your solar panels.  No harsh chemicals, and no tap water littered with minerals that will dry and etch the the surface.  In fact, most manufacturers suggest not using any chemicals for this exact reason, and tap water will do the same damage it does to your shower door over time.  Don’t let just anybody clean your panels, call us today!

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Real Solar Panel Cleaning Reviews From Happy Customers​

Clearvu Window Cleaning Review 10

Ron L.

Solar Panel Cleaning In Murrieta CA

I had Nick clean my solar panels and I will start by saying he was right on time. He got to work right away and within two days I saw a huge difference in my system’s output. The panels were filthy when he started and my 4800 watt system was generating no more than 3600 watts before the cleaning. Now I’m seeing peaks of 4500 watts. I will be calling Clearvu for future cleanings.

Clearvu Window Cleaning Review 4

Barbara Hanson

Solar Panel Cleaners Temecula CA

Hired Clearvu to clean the solar panels on my two story house. They arrived on time and went right to work. Before I knew it they were done and they were on their way to another job. My solar panels were cleaner than they were when they were installed! Clearvu Window Cleaning is quite the team, best solar panel cleaning service around!

Clearvu Window Cleaning Review 8

Dustin A.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Temecula CA

They rock!!! Our windows and solar panels were very dirty! They came in and cleaned all windows inside and out, plus the screens. The solar panels looks great!!! Cannot thank you guys enough 🙂 The best solar panel cleaners around!

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Frequently Asked TEMECULA Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

First, we conduct a thorough inspection to assess the condition of your panels and identify any areas that may require extra attention. Then, we bust out our secret weapons: a pure water purification system and a specialized solar panel cleaning brush to scrub away all that dirt and grime that has built up. And to top it all off, we give your panels a rinse with pure water for a spotless finish. We don’t use any harsh chemicals or tap water filled with minerals that can damage your panels – just the TLC they deserve.

Regular maintenance cleaning of your solar panels can improve their efficiency, extend their lifespan, save you money on energy bills, and improve the appearance of your home all at once. Don’t neglect your panels – give them the care they deserve and watch as your wallet (and the planet) thank you!

Attempting to clean your own not only has inherit safety risks, but using the wrong equipment you can cause more harm than good. We use specialty equipment to clean your solar panels that you don’t have just laying around your house. Using harsh chemicals and regular tap water from your home can damage your panels. We utilize a vehicle mounted pure water purification system that removes all harsh minerals from the water, creating a spot free finish!

We recommend cleaning your solar panels at least once or twice a year to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on their surface. This will help to ensure that they are able to operate at peak efficiency. In our area it may be necessary to clean your solar panels more frequently, such as if they are located in a particularly dusty or dirty area. If you are unsure about how often to clean your solar panels, give us a call!

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